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Veterans Memorial Center

We pledge to build, to preserve and maintain the memories, medals and equipment of the Veterans of all wars; To ensure we never forget our veterans and why we remain a free country!

About Us

September 2010 a group of Veterans had a meeting of all Veterans Organizations, to work together and have a Veterans Memorial Center.  We received a donation from United Patriotic Bodies to get started and  were awarded as a gift from the Loberg Family approximately 2 acres of land in Brooks Harbor Addition in West Fargo!

We are asking for gifts and donation to build our Veterans Memorial Center. This Will Be an attractive building with displays, pictures, equipment and history of all wars. Our effort to show the public what veterans stood for and why we remain a free country. This will be maintained and organized by veterans, family and friends. We will be renting office space to only organizations that promote and keep our veteran programs maintained. 

A donation puts that special Veterans name and branch on the wall of the, Veterans Memorial Center! 

Board of Directors :  Orlyen Stensgard, Terry Richardson, Roger Peterson, Arnie Ellingson, Dave Johnston, Mike Haugen, Konrad Olson, Victor Pellerano, Ralph Wollmann


We have V.M.C Branded Hats for $20.00 each!

We have V.M.C Branded Vests for $100 each!

Veterans Memorial Center 

PO BOX 7 Fargo, ND 58107