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Veterans Memorial Center

We pledge to build, to preserve and maintain the memories, medals and equipment of the Veterans of all wars; To ensure we never forget our veterans and why we remain a free country!

Welcome, Veterans Memorial Center! 

Our goal is to build a Veterans Memorial Center in this Red River Valley, to serve our Veterans and preserve and maintain memories, medals, and equipment of the Veterans of all Wars. This will be maintained by Veterans, families and friends! This will also be an attractive tourist attraction and can be used by our schools to teach students what all Veterans of all Wars went through and why we remain a free society and a free country!

We would like your assistance in providing funds in the form of a grant or donation. Our planning goal is set a $2,600,000 for land, building fit up and holding costs. We are tax exempt under section 501C3.

We are happy to announce that we recently received land in Brooks Harbor site from the Loberg Family, so we feel we can begin making plans for our building and be able to use any money the center generated to help Veterans groups in the Red River Valley!

We feel that this will enable smaller communities to have an opportunity to display their memorabilia. This could also be a place for the different Veterans organizations for their headquarters, meeting place and display area.

The Board of Directors and Officers would like to thank you in advance of your support. Please feel free to call any of us if you have any questions.

A donation puts that special Veterans name and branch on the wall of the, Veterans Memorial Center! 

Board of Directors: Orlyen Stensgard, Terry Richardson, Roger Peterson, Arnie Ellingson, Dave Johnston, Mike Haugen, Konrad Olson, Victor Pellerano, Ralph Wollman


Fundraising goal of $2.3 million to build our Veterans Memorial Center!

Veterans Memorial Center

of the Red River Valley

PO BOX 7 Fargo, ND 58107